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An integrator serving operators in the Pacific region

Since 2005, INTELIA has been supporting operators in the Pacific Islands in the transformation of their networks.

Operating in telecommunications, information systems, media, and security, INTELIA collaborates with top providers to offer turnkey solutions to its customers for creating, expanding, and modernizing infrastructure networks and information systems.

Our Reach:

INTELIA operates in New Caledonia, French Polynesia, New Zealand, and Wallis & Futuna, actively expanding across the entire Pacific region. 


Our Assets

Human and material assets
customized to meet our customers’ needs

INTELIA has the technical expertise to meet customers' requirements and deliver innovative, high-performance, and sustainable solutions.

To seamlessly deliver turnkey services, INTELIA offers:

  • Logistics : Our dedicated team manages customs clearance, material storage, and on-site transportation, employing specialized methods such as crane operations and heli-lifting.

  • Network Design : Our design department is committed to network design, site conceptualization, and comprehensive document management (Preliminary Design - PD, Detailed Design - DD, As-Built Documentation - ABD, etc).

  • Project Management : Our Project Management Unit ensures the effective oversight and scheduling of operations, guiding them to contractual acceptance.

  • Engineering : The Engineering Unit excels in equipment configuration and seamless integration into existing networks.

  • On-Site Implementation : Our field teams install and commission equipments, led by skilled managers and technicians.

Through targeted investment strategies, INTELIA can independently deliver end-to-end services.

Our Facilities Include:

  • Office Space : 550 m² of dedicated workspace.

  • Warehousing : Covering 2400 m² for efficient material storage.

  • Vehicle Fleet : A diverse fleet of utility vehicles, including crane trucks, vans, 4x4 cars, and more.

  • Professional Tools and Safety Gear : Equipped with a complete range of professional tools and safety equipment. 

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