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Our human and technical resources are dedicated to our customers

INTELIA owns all the required technical resources to comply with the most ambitious specifications and to implement innovative and future-proof solution.

In order to perform turnkey services, INTELIA is organized as follows:

  • Logistic Unit: in charge of equipment clearance, storage and transportation on site (truck, crane, helicopter, etc.)

  • Design Unit: in charge of network and sites design, including all the technical documentation.

  • Project Management Unit: in charge of projects implementation until contractual acceptance.

  • Engineering Unit: in charge of equipment commissioning and integration within the existing network.

  • Deployment Unit: in charge of on-site installation (supervisors, riggers, installers, etc.)


Thanks to its strategic investment plan, INTELIA is able to perform end-to-end services fully independently.
INTELIA owns :

  • Office of 180m² (1.937 sq. ft.)

  • Warehouse of 1600m² (17.220 sq. ft.)

  • Fleet of vehicles (crane truck, vans, pick-up, 4WD, etc.)

  • A complete range of professional tools and safety equipment

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