Sales Manager
Roman graduated from Central School of Marseille and EUROPTICS From 2002 to 2005, he began his career as a Telecom engineer on OTDM, WDM and SDH areas. He was recruited in 2005 by Bouygues Telecom as network architect (fixed, mobile, high-speed broadband) and has taken part in numerous calls Builders offers. He joined the Chinese equipment manufacturer ZTE France in 2012 as a sales engineer for the development of ZTE's customer base in the Francophone world (including New Caledonia). He joins INTELIA in 2015.
Business Development Manager
Pierre graduated from ESIGELEC Rouen. From 2008 to 2012 he held the position of project manager on infrastructure deployment of the Metropolitan Fiber Optic operators in SPIE and the AEGE group. He is gradually taking charge of FTTx business, GC RCA and TCE. He joins INTELIA in 2012 and has notably developed the WF Intelia activity for the mobile project and is Intelia referent for infrastructure projects / works.
Operations manager
Stéphane graduated from Telecom Bretagne. He began his career in 2005 as a technical consultant for the company SOLUCOM. He was then recruited by Orange as deployment engineer on radio/transmission. He joins INTELIA in 2010 and supports the conduct of operations of major projects for the company. He manages the team of 13 technicians and foremen and is responsible for design office activities.
Technical Manager
Tristan graduated from Telecom Bretagne. From 2007 to 2009, he served as project manager engineer and presales engineer for Alcatel-Lucent and Telindus. He joins INTELIA in 2010 to manage the engineering teams (radio, IP, transmission, ...) and customer support activity.
Head of IT Programs
Olivier graduated from the Institut Catholique des Arts et Métiers in Lille He began his career in consulting engineering for the Altran group. After 6 years of expatriation in Japan in the robotics sector, he was recruited by CS Communications & Systems and Thales as Project Manager on large system integration programs. He settled in New Caledonia in 2013 where he joined the IT Department of the Southern Province. He joins INTELIA in 2015.